Intimacy and Relationship Issues

Intimacy, to me, means emotional connection.  I do not use the term to refer to sex.  

I do not work with couples, but really enjoy working with individuals to help them become healthy enough to attract another healthy person to them.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, we tend to subconsciously attract people to us who are just as healthy or unhealthy as we are!  BECOME WHO YOU WANT TO ATTRACT TO YOU.

What Makes a Satisfactory Relationship?

•    Trust

•    Knowing Oneself

•    Mutual Respect

•    Healthy Communication

Steps to take for treating the lack of connection in a relationship  begin with:

It is most important to Honor the other person as well as oneself. Always speak respectfully and calmly.  When one is unable to do that, it is usually due to their own undealt-with issues from past relationships or even back to childhood and how the parents treated each other as well as the children.  In order for a couple to achieve a loving, respectful relationship, ideally  each individual needs to be willing to work on themselves first, and the relationship second.  It takes two healthy people to have a healthy relationship.  Most people think they know who they are and what they want for themselves and in a relationship, but most people have not looked deeply enough inside themselves and done their healing work in order to connect deeply with another person.

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