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Do you have a history of relationships never working out the way you want?  Do you have a history of attracting abusive partners?  Do you tend to find partners who end up having an addiction?  Is it hard for you to be alone?  Do you have trouble saying 'No'?  Do you always blame yourself when a relationship doesn't work out?   Do you always blame the other person when a relationship doesn't work out?  Do you fall in love with someone's "potential" as opposed to who they are?  Do you ignore "red flags" early on when you're dating?   Do you need approval or validation from another person in order to feel good about yourself?  Do you confuse love with addiction?  

There's no doubt that most of us want a healthy, loving relationship.  How to achieve it, is the question.  It takes two healthy people to have a healthy relationship.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, we tend to subconsciously attract to us others who are just as healthy or unhealthy as we are.  So the obvious key, if we want a healthy relationship, is to work on ourselves first.  

Counseling can help you understand the "why's" of these behaviors.  Knowing our issues does not heal us, though.  Uncovering our underlying issues and learning how to heal them is the life-changing work.  It is this work that will prepare you for your future healthy love relationship.

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