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If you have  found my website, chances are your life is being negatively driven by behaviors that you are secretly struggling with.

Do you feel out-of-control with your sexual behaviors?  Are you afraid someone will find out about secrets that you carry?  Do you feel lonely or shameful (internally flawed)?  Has internet porn negatively affected your primary sexual relationship?  Do you struggle with the emotions of anger and fear?  Do you feel hopeless at times?

Sex Addiction  includes a variety of damaging behaviors that can dominate a person's life.  Some examples are: excessive masturbation, multiple affairs, obsession with pornography, risky sexual behaviors such as unsafe sex, exhibitionism and other inappropriate or damaging behaviors. It refers to a wide range of sexual activities which have become problematic.

According to Patrick Carnes, Ph. D., a nationally known author of "Out of the Shadows" as well as other significant books, and speaker on sex addiction and recovery issues, there are certain warning signs that someone could be a sex addict. Some of these signs include:

  • Frequently engaging in more sex and with more partners than intended.
  • Being preoccupied with or persistently craving sex; wanting to cut down and unsuccessfully attempting to limit sexual activity.
  • Spending considerable time in activities related to sex, such as spending hours online cruising for partners or visiting pornographic web sites.
  • Neglecting obligations such as work, school or family in pursuit of sex.
  • Continually engaging in the sexual behavior despite negative consequences, such as broken relationships or potential health risks.
  • Escalating scope or frequency of sexual activity to achieve the desired effect, such as watching more extreme pornography videos, having an increasing number of sex partners, going to prostitutes.

Working with clients who are dealing with sexually compulsive behaviors is my primary area of clinical specialization. If you or a loved one is struggling in this area and you are ready to begin to take your life back, I look forward to working with you.

"Like an alcoholic unable to stop drinking, sexual addicts are unable to stop their self-destructive sexual behavior. Family breakups, financial disaster, loss of jobs, and risk to life are the painful themes of their stories.  Much hope nevertheless exists for these addicts and their families. Sex addicts have shown an ability to transform a life of self-destruction into a life of self-care, a life in chaos and despair into one of confidence and peace". - Patrick J.Carnes, Ph.D., Author of Out of the Shadows

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